Beautiful Plants For Your Interior

N50 / N80 / N120

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The perfect combination of comfortable interior design and grand exterior image can make you drive conveniently and practically whenever and wherever you are.

China CCC and ECE R-29 regulation complied.

Modern & Efficient Headlights

Wilder mirror, broader vision. Good aerodynamics performance

Wide and spacious cab, upright A-pillar and cab side panel, driving without blind area, more driving comfort.

Multifunctional Steering Wheel with Cruise Control System and Entertainment System

10-inch LCD screen, perfect display of high-end quality, highlighting brand strength and brand value

Dual circuit pipeline Air Brake + automatically air-cut brake, save and efficient

Tough frame, tough axle, and tough suspension to make the loading easily and reliable.

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
*For Selected Model only


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